• Numerology FAQ

    Everything You Want To Know About Numerology

    What is a numerology calculator?

    A numerology calculator is the quickest and easiest way to work out your most significant numbers. Like your Life Path number.


    Enter your birth date into the calculator and you can learn more about your Life Path and purpose during this lifetime.


    The calculator we use on this website is so powerful it's like having your own professional numerologist on call 24/7.


    Just like a professional numerologist our calculator provides you with a personalized report which helps interpret the deeper significance of your numbers such as your name number and what it means.

    Which is the most powerful number in numerology?

    22 is the most powerful number in numerology...


    It's often called the "Master Builder".


    The number 22 may turn even the wildest, most impossible dreams into your daily reality.

    Are numerology readings accurate?

    Numerology is precise, this is why it's so vital to use a numerology calculator. If you stuff does not add up for you, then chances are you're reading the symbols wrong.

    Numerology gives you a vision of the spiritual, but ultimately understanding is up to you. Remember you are acting in physical world and numerology is in a non-physical (spiritual) world.


    To avoid any all confusion we offer a free report to anyone who uses our numerology calculator. This report helps guide you through the meanings of your number and steers you toward your Life Path.

    What is "name" numerology?

    Name numerology is a method which calculates numbers based on your name, and these numbers are super important for friendships.


    The sound effects of your name produce patterns, and in turn they produce expectations. Which is of major importance in intimate relationships.

    Enter your name into the numerology calculator on this site to get your numbers.

    Where can I get a free numerology reading?

    Right here, today using the most powerful numerology calculator on the web.

    What is your life path number?

    Your Life Path is your essence, it's the key to a closer understanding of what your life purpose is, and it can show you what challenges and obstacles you'll face throughout your lifetime.

    How do you find your life path number?

    There are two ways to do this...


    One way is to use a numerology calculator and let the calculator do all the hard work.

    The other way is the manual method using a paper and pen.

    What does 222 mean spiritually?

    222 means a new cycle is about to start in your life. Pay attention and be present when you are seeing the number 222 because it is a divine sign.

    What numerology number am I?

    By using a numerology calculator you can discover your numerology number.

    What do numerology numbers mean?

    Every possible date is made up of different numbers. A numerology calculator adds these numbers up until it arrives at one digit. Our numerology calculator provides a free report explaining what these numbers mean.

    What numerology says about number 9

    In numerology, the number 9 is the symbol of wisdom and initiation.

    What numerology says about number 3?

    In numerology, the number 3 represents creativity.

    What numerology says about number 8?

    In numerology, the number 8 represents "money and power". Usually when a person is considering a numerological name change they want the number 8 added to their chart.

    The number 8 also puts a positive emphasis on your career, business, finances, and authority.

    What numerology says about number 1?

    In numerology, the number 1 is very special. Seen from a spiritual perspective it alludes creation and primal energy from which all other numbers arise from.

    What numerology says about number 7?

    In numerology, the number 7 is the searcher of Truth... The thinker... The number 7 never takes anything for granted and is always digging deeper to find the hidden truths.

    Where can I use a free numerology number quiz?

    Right here on this website, just click the big orange button at the top of the page to get started.

    What numerology year am I?

    Use the free numerology calculator on this website to find your answer to this questions.

    What numerology says about me?

    We offer a free report with each use of the numerology calculator. This report deciphers what your numbers mean and tells you what numerology says about you.

    What numerology says about number 5?

    In numerology, the number 5 is the high-flyer, the dynamic, the energetic... The number 5 is always in motion and always unpredictable and ready to embrace change at any moment.

    Are numerology predictions true?

    If you interpret the numbers correctly and steer yourself towards your Life Path then the truth shall be revealed.

    Numerology... are we compatible?

    The quickest way to find out is to use our free numerological calculator.

    What are numerology numbers?

    Numerology is the study of numbers which reflect attitudes, aptitudes, and characteristics as part of the cosmic plan. This is why you use your birthdate and your name numbers when using a numerology calculator.

    What are numerology master numbers?

    In numerology, there are 3 double-digit numbers that require special attention: 11, 22, and 33. These are called master numbers.

    How are numerology calculations done?

    If you don't wish to use a numerological calculator then here is how you do it manually.

    Month: October is the 10th month of the year. 10 reduces down = 1 + 0 = 1

    Day: The date of birth is 12. 12 reduces to 3 (1 + 2 = 3).

    Year: The year of birth is 1977. 197 reduces to 1 (1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24, then 2 + 4 = 6

    Now add the resulting single-digit numbers: 1 + 3 + 6 = 10

    The Life Path number, in this case, is 10

    Numerology will I get married?

    Use the free numerological calculator on this website to find out answers to your questions.

    Where can I use a free numerology name calculator?

    Right here on this website, and we'll also give you a free report helping you understand what your numbers mean.

    Numerology will I be rich?

    Money number 1 = a monetary advantage throughout your lifetime


    Money number 2 = is the least fortunate when it comes to wealth

    Money number 3 = is naturally lucky, and you'll find it easy to make cash

    Money number 4 = is a number that has to work hard for cash (this does not mean poor)


    Money number 5 = is the person with a good business head, you still need to do the work but having 5 on your side helps

    Money number 6 = stack the cash if you are money number 6


    Money number 7 = this number faces financial challenges

    Money number 8 = is the Ying & Yang number where you will have great fortune and great loses


    Money number 9 = known as the "Midas Touch" where money flows to you easily

    Numerology will he come back?

    The only way to discover this is to use the numerology calculator on this website.

    How do I calculate my life path number?

    Simply by using the free numerology calculator on this website.

  • How Numerology Changed My Life

    And how it can change your life and fortunes as well

    Do you ever feel this way...


    My life looked nothing like I wanted. Truth is, I’d always struggled to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.


    I had goals like most people do. Meet someone who loves me, have children, provide for my family and live a good life.

    Yet, even though I’m lucky enough to have met a fantastic woman who loves me… l still feel like life is slipping away like I have no control.


    Minute after minute, day after day, month after month I felt a passenger to my own life. It’s so weird like I can see what is happening in my life but I’ve no control over it… As the famous song says I’m literally blowing in the wind.


    Then by pure chance, I discovered numerology.


    Okay, saying my life looked nothing like I wanted is too strong, yet that is how I felt, and I reckon you feel that way sometimes. Most people I speak with now say they feel this way. A little lost in what they doing and where their life going. Don’t worry, these are normal feelings.


    If you have ever felt this way, or are feeling out sync at the moment. Then please allow me the chance to share with you how Numerology changed my life… Give me the chance to explain that understanding Numerology numbers can have a positive effect on your life… Can help you find some steerage, a life plan if you will.


    I bet like most people I meet if you give it a chance you could start to get more out of your life.


    My life used to be ordinary. I was this average guy going about his life on cruise control.


    I knew I was not special, nor did I stand out in a crowd and certainly I was never the first name that came to mind to invite to your party.


    I get it thought. There is nothing wrong with being ordinary. Yet for me thought it sucked. It sucked so bad I fell into a depression thinking I’d always feel this way and my life would never change.


    Everything about my life was a shade of grey. Long hours in a dull office where I did little else than tap a keyboard.


    All I wanted was to feel like I did when I was a teenager. Like I could take on the world and win.


    Nah, I don’t want to be POTUS, but I something inside kept nagging away that I was destined for greater things than I was doing right now.


    The only problem is…


    I had no ideas of where to start or who to ask for help.


    On a random Tuesday, an old buddy of mine from college told me he was relocating to my part of the country. I’d not seen this guy in about twenty years. He said he wanted to pop over, meet my family as soon as possible as he had something to show me.


    The day he came over the sun shone bright and we had a bbq. Everyone got along well and the day was just what I needed. Though my friend could ‘sense’ my low feelings and that’s when he started talking about his interest in Numerology.


    It only takes a few minutes to figure out your Numerology numbers. The true skill is in interpreting those numbers - which is why the calculator on this site offers a free report which interprets those numbers for you - my friend had the knowledge to help me interpret my numbers.


    Any doubts I had about Numerology soon melted away...


    It took the wind out of me how accurately numerology interpreted who I am. Like proper shocked me. Every little behaviour and kink was there.


    My pal was pumped to see my reaction, and he wanted to share his numerology profile with me (to show me the accuracy is no fluke).


    Soon I found myself having a fun and I did not want to stop…


    We worked out the numerology profiles for other members of the family, friends, famous people…

    Numerology got who they were… each and every time.


    It was late and my friend had to leave, so I asked him to give me names of websites I could look at for more information on numerology. Then he told me that he was going to create a website for people just like me… People who had only begun to understand why numerology could offer them.

    Over the next few months as my friend created this numerology website with a calculator and free report so people can understand their numbers… I became totally hooked.


    I confirmed things about myself… Things that I always wanted to do with my life but never felt brave enough…

    I wanted to see the Pyramids of Giza and travel the world…


    I wanted to paint pictures but always felt afraid, ashamed even of my lack talent.


    Yet all that changed when I got my Life Path Number.


    For the first time in my life, I felt awake and alive.


    At this point my friend asked me if I would like to be involved in helping create his website.


    His motivation lay in how confusing the information is on the internet.


    That's why we build a huge Q&A section to answer the most common questions.


    Building this website plunged me even deeper into numerology…


    Each day I had the confidence to do all those things I used to be afraid to try.


    I’d changed and I accepted that change as a good thing.


    I also accepted that I had the power and control to keep on changing…


    To keep developing myself into the person I knew I could be…


    A person much, much different from who I used to be.


    I left my boring job and started my own business. It’s the best move I’ve made.


    Not once I have looked back and felt like I’ve done the wrong thing.


    And I owe all of my success to that day my friend came over and introduced me to numerology.


    If he had not looked me up, and shown me there is a different path… I doubt I would ever have changed my life.


    I understand that numerology can feel like something that might not work for you…


    That’s the normal way to react to new things when you’re not ready to embrace change.


    You can use those feelings as fuel to help you change your life…


    Don’t be afraid to take the first step and introduce yourself to numerology.


    Numerology changed my life and if you embrace it…


    Numerology can work for you as well.

  • Numerology 101

    Using just your birth date, your name and a Numerology calculator you can unlock all the secrets of numerology.


    To construct a numerology chart we use eleven numbers.


    Those numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,11 and 22.


    Larger numbers are reduced down by adding the digits together until you reach one of the core numbers.


    Each of the numbers represents different characteristics and expressions.


    The only exceptions to the rule of reducing down to a single digit are Master Numbers. These numbers are 11 & 22.


    These master numbers are said to be intensified versions of the single digit numbers they replace.


    Master numbers suggest you have a high degree of achievement. You are a winner even in stressful environments.


    When you use the numerology calculator on this site we offer you a free and comprehensive report so you can understand your reading in full.

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